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How to maintain the automatic assembly line?

Source:Non standard automation equipmentData:2020-04-20 11:13:49

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Automatic assembly line equipment is a kind of continuous conveying machinery on a certain line. According to the conveying series products, it can be roughly divided into seven kinds of assembly lines: belt assembly line, plate chain line, multiple chain line, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and roller assembly line. Setting, tensioning device, direction changing device and supporting parts, etc.

1. Maintenance of head gearbox: drain the engine oil in the gearbox for the first time in about three months, clean the gearbox with diesel or gasoline, add new lubricating oil to the middle of the observation window, and change the lubricating oil once a year. Check the capacity of lubricating oil regularly. Too much lubricating oil will cause the gearbox to heat up, and the motor's maintenance switch will jump off due to too much motor load. Too little lubricating oil will cause gearbox heating, resulting in increased noise and gearbox strangulation and scrap.

Automatic assembly line equipment

2. Method of speed governor and motor maintenance: never allow water to enter the motor, or add organic compounds such as diesel oil and liquid to the motor, because this may cause damage to the insulation of the motor and cause failure.

3. Chain maintenance method: after the temporary operation of the chain, the original lubricating oil may be heated and volatilized, resulting in the unbalance, noise increase, crawling, etc. during the operation of the chain. In this case, the sealing plate at the tail of the machine can be opened, and the chain can be added with butter or a little thick lubricating oil.