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The reason and treatment of the automatic soldering machine

Source:Non standard automation equipmentData:2020-04-20 11:37:35

This is another strong support of the Chinese government for the reform and development of manufacturing industry after made in China 2025. Intelligent manufacturing has risen to the national strategic level. With the industrial technology reform, the lat

The reason why the moving soldering machine doesn't stick to tin and how to deal with it is a headache for many friends who use the equipment, but considering the health of the staff and the control of production cost, the automatic soldering machine has gradually replaced our manual soldering, so a large number of technical problems arise. In order not to affect the normal working efficiency of our customers, Xiaobian feels like sharing these with you The reason and the way to deal with it can improve the stability and KPI of our solder production.

Automatic soldering machine

First, let's understand the reason why our automatic soldering machine does not touch tin:

1. The flux of is highly corrosive, resulting in rapid oxidation of the iron head

2. If the soldering iron head is not used when the soldering platform is open, and there is no tin on the surface of the soldering iron head, the soldering iron head will oxidize rapidly

3. Contact with organic substances such as plastics, lubricants or other compounds

4. Flux used for neutral activity, without cleaning the iron head frequently

5. The iron head is not stained with tin before use

6. When soldering, the temperature is too high, which is easy to cause severe oxidation of the solder tip on the tin surface

7、 The tin wire or flux used is not good

8. When the soldering temperature reaches 380 ° or above and the machine is shut down for more than 1 hour, the amount of tin on the lead-free iron head is too small

In case of the above situation, the general situation is: scrape off the oxide layer with a knife to expose the copper that has not been oxidized, then put it into the flux, and then apply tin to it for normal use. However, this method is not thorough, and long-term scraping, the copper head will become hot and affect heat transfer, resulting in temperature drop, or even damage the copper head. The quick and efficient treatment method is: hold the handle of soldering iron glue, dip the oxidized copper head into the container containing alcohol, take it out within 1-2 minutes, the oxide will be completely removed, and the copper head will be completely new. This is because copper oxide will react with alcohol after heating, which has no corrosive effect on the electric iron head.

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