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Automatic assembling machine of blood collector

Automatic assembling machine of blood collector

The automatic production of medical blood collector products can automatically load and assemble the loose parts such as push rods, vent plugs, rubber plugs, syringes, needles and so on. Upper push rod, rubber plug servo rotary oiling, automatic syringe l

Model:Automatic assembly machine for blood collector

Application:Lithium battery, medical industry, automation industry, industrial industry


Functional features:

One Automatic production of the medical blood collector product can automatically assemble the push rod, air plug, rubber plug, syringe, needle and other loose parts. The pneumatic plug can be automatically loaded and installed, the push rod, the rubber plug automatic loading servo assembly push rod, the rubber plug servo rotary oil coating, the needle cylinder automatic feeding, the servo ceramic pump, the liquid needle cylinder ultrasonic spray, the needle automatic feeding assembly, the push rod press, High test and other automatic assembly into blood collector products.

2. Kearns high-precision transparent optical fiber positioning is adopted to ensure that there is no stacking or leakage in each feeding. Panasonic laser sensor accurately measures the height dimension.

3. The rotary table adopts Taiwan Texaco cam divider for high-precision positioning, precise positioning and simple maintenance; the equipment realizes the intelligent industrial production and greatly improves the safety production efficiency.

Technical parameter:

Suitable product range:medical blood collector, syringe

Main function range:clamping, assembly, precision servo ceramic pump liquid pumping, ultrasonic spray mist

Control form:PLC control + touch screen

Rated power:2.5 KW

Power supply:AC220V 50HZ

Dimensions :L2000mm × W1500mm × H1800mm

Production efficiency :≥1300PCS / H

Weight :about 800 Kg